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Kyle Biscoe (born May 25, 1995), better known as KNOIR (pronounced "Noir") is a Pop/R&B artist and songwriter from Fort Washington, Maryland who is up and coming in pop culture. He draws influence from many of today's artists such as Russ, Miguel, and Frank Ocean, as well as many legends from the past such as Prince, Sam Cooke, and Frank Sinatra.


KNOIR was first introduced to his musicality in the 5th Grade when his grandmother bought him a keyboard for Christmas. He began playing songs from the radio by ear and became interested in pursuing music in school. Going into the 6th Grade KNOIR entered the music program and explored classical training throughout Thomas G. Pullen Middle School and Suitland High School Visual Performing Arts programs. During his time at Suitland High School, he joined the choir and developed his ability to sing.


Once graduated from High School, KNOIR grew interested in experimenting with his creativeness and began to produce and write music in 2015. After a couple of years of experimenting KNOIR released his first self produced single "June Nights" in summer of 2017. He followed that single with a self produced project called "The Brink of Solace" which he released in December of 2018.


KNOIR began to grow his name throughout the industry and has made many contacts as he continues to develop his artistry. His most recent record, "Catch A Vibe", set to release in February of 2021, was produced by Grammy Award Winning Producer "Dre Moon" whom has produced the likes of Beyonce, Drake, Future, The Weeknd, Nicki Minaj, and many more. KNOIR's sound is often compared to the likes of Miguel and The Weeknd but has the versatility to change direction and write in many different styles and genres. 2021 truly sets up to be groundbreaking year for him on his journey to the top.

"Catch A Vibe"

Catch A Vibe is a record that I and "Dre" recorded in our very first session together in LA. The song represents that feel that you get around that special someone. The very catchy line of "You Know' implies the feeling is shared and mutual. The guitar, ghostly piano, and hollow background vocals, come together to and gives the listener a wavy tropical, beachy, and coastal feel. The coastal references throughout the song personify the many characteristics of that special someone as they vibe out together on the beach. Zone out to this record and you WILL "Catch A Vibe".



Everyone is "Looking For Something". In this video KNOIR reveals how we are all "Looking For Something" and how its not always the same thing but sometimes our search leads to each other! Produced by Artizsa LLC



Catch A Vibe takes you to a sun-soaked, happy place far removed from the Pandemic and these long winter months.


"Catch A Vibe is good energy and gave all the feels. Good Vibrations!" 

— Politiks N Lipstic, 

Passionate about his craft. An a amazing talent. Big things on the horizon the singer, songwriter and producer

Rodney Williams

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